70200app永利:Phase manipulation and Majorana zero modes in iron-based superconductor


Title:Phase manipulation and Majorana zero modes in iron-based superconductor

Abstract: Recent experiments reported the evidence of Majorana mode trapped by vortex, crystalline domain wall and magnetic impurity in some iron-based superconductors. For the latter two cases, the underlying physics is not settled down, and the debate is still present. We propose that the phase of superconducting pairing can be manipulated by the ferromagnetism spontaneously formed in the crystalline domain wall and the natively arising in the magnetic impurity. Such phase manipulation plays a crucial role to induce the Majorana mode. Following this line, we show that our theory can be used to understand the experimental signatures about the Majornana mode induced by crystalline domain wall in Fe(Te,Se) and by magnetic impurity in Fe(Te,Se), LiFeAs, monolayer Fe(Te,Se)/SrTiO3 and can explain the controversial observations and confusing features of the zero modes from different experiments. We also discuss the some interesting features of the Majorana mode beyond the current experiments and beyond the conventional understanding.  

个人简介:郝 宁,中国科70200app永利合肥物质科学研究院强磁场科学中心研究员,中国科学技术大学博导;2006年本科毕业于山东大学,2011年博士毕业于中科院物理所,此后在美国和香港做研究,2016年加入中科院强磁场科学中心;主要用凝聚态物理相关的理论以及第一性原理计算方法研究量子材料中的新现象和新效应等,研究体系涵盖高温超导,拓扑材料,磁性材料,低维材料等曾获中科院百人计划以及国家优秀青年科学基金支持。

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